Pain below the kneecap….

January 11, 2014

Nikhil asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Hello Guru,

I am suffering from pain below the knee cap when I tighten my quads and pain at the left-back side of left knee when I try to make leg straight. The injury happened almost two months back and I’ve stopped running completely since then. I am applying ICE on affected area regularly. Could you pls tell me how much more time it will take to recover?

January 11, 2014

Hi Nikhil

You’ve either got a patella tendonopathy – where you’ve overused you tendon because of something else or you’ve got an issue with the fat pad that sits under your tendon and it’s getting pinched – either because the bottom bit of your kneecap drags into it or you straighten your knee too much, without enough control.

I think the pain elsewhere is telling you that you’re putting your knee under the wrong structural load.

You’ve left running alone for a while, iced and done all the correct self help things….I’m not sure that this approach is going to get you better very quickly.

Why? Because you don’t know what’s caused it. The body heals very naturally and all physio does/do is enable the body to heal in the fastest possible time by identifying what’s the problem, doing something about it and letting the body do the rest.

You need to let somebody have a good, long look at you and how you run to establish the cause. When this is found, happy days….

Guru Responded

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