Running in lockdown

April 15, 2020


I did my post-op rehabilitation with you at Fleet Street after an MPFL reconstruction. I have been pain free, playing squash and golf since completing the rehab. I have taken up running in the current lockdown.

After my last run I felt a very sharp pain in the back of my knee joint like a jarring, and a dull ache on what feels like the top of my shin bone. There’s also a pain down the outside of my calf. I don’t have any mechanical difficulties bending the leg or loading it to walk up stairs for example. However I experience the pain when straightening the leg fully and putting weight on it at the same time, or walking for an extended period of time.

Any ideas on what I might have done to my knee?


April 15, 2020

Hi Matt – I’ve had a read of your notes and I’m not convinced this has anything to do with your recon.

Give me few more pointers….

  • Did this occur whilst running (any incident) or afterwards?
  • Any swelling?
  • Can you reproduce your pain by poking the back of your knee?
  • Can you squat down?
  • Does 20/30 single leg calf raises (bent and straight knee) reproduce the pain.
  • What makes it feel better?
  • How much pain out of 10 do you feel.
  • Do anti inflams help?

Let me know.

The Guru

Guru Responded
April 15, 2020

Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly!

No incident whilst running just came on afterwards

Some tiny swelling I guess if I compare with right knee. Swelling is at the front below the kneecap

No pain on poking but area is a bit tender as is the top of my calf today

I can squat with difficulty, I can’t fully bend the leg without encountering a bit of stiffness

The calf raises seem to give me a bit of pain on the inside below the knee cap

Icing it and keeping it elevated

When the pain comes on it’s a 7 but otherwise a 3/4 with the stiffness and aching

I’ve not tried anti inflammatory

Sorry it’s a bit of a vague case




April 15, 2020

Hi Matt

Thanks – I think it sounds like a too much too soon type injury, which is probably the most common thing we’re seeing at the mo.

Bodies like being given the time to adapt to new load, conditions and frequency – and if overloaded then then bits of them (knees most common) will start to react and become slightly swollen. Think of it like going for a normal run then developing a blister that you discover when you’re back home.

As your knee swells (and I think the issue is between your kneecap and front of thigh) the muscles around it (i.e your calf) stiffen to protect the knee. It’s also why you can’t fully bend due to the swelling.

So allow your body to rest, de-load and repair. Carry on using ice,start to take (if you can) a dose of ibuprofen (correct dose) for the next 3 days with a meal and don’t run/cycle/row etc. After 72 hours worth of rest go for a recovery run at 50% of what you’d normally do, but run for a maximum of 2 minutes then walk for 30″ and repeat.

See how you feel for the rest of the day, and the next morning – and if all OK repeat 2 days later. Again some protocol then run again but this time 3′ run and 20″ walk. Over the next 2 wees or so gradually get back to where you were – and add in some supplementary lunges, squats, crab walks etc.

Get back to me if there any probs.

The Guru

guru-profile Guru Responded

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