Semimemb issues

January 11, 2014

Simon Goldsmith asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Greetings Guru.

Last hope really. I hurt the back of my left knee two years ago whilst running a half marathon. I did train, but ignored all advice and did too much too soon. On the run itself I felt a pain that ‘shot’ from the inside back of the knee, through to the kneecap.

I did the whole RICE thing and after 12 months had an MRI which suggested semi membranousus tendinopathy. I’ve had intensive physio with no result and still have the pain at the back of my knee where the hamstring joins the joint.

I am at my wits end and really want to run again….. The pain isn’t there all the time and does come and go. It’s there more frequently than not though. Help!!!!!!!!


January 11, 2014

Hi Simon.

Semimem is one of the hamstrings that controls the knee when it’s straight and when it bends and also does a bit of rotatory control too.

If you’ve got/had an issue with this, then you’ve got a control issue that may or may not be focussed around your knee but most likely (after failed physio) around your pelvis.

Muscle imbalances are hugely important, but sometimes either over looked or misunderstood. Single knee squat, balistic hops and cushioned landings are all really important for taking the load off of your knee (and hammies!). Don’t just go for the straight line stuff, you’ll need to control the rotational stuff too.

It’s rehab, rehab, rehab all the way BUT it must be functional, dynamic and weightbearing….you made need a little jiggeling around to help you move better as you are a year on.

Whatever you are doing, if it’s not helping them stop….

Hope this has given you a little more food for thought.

Guru Responded

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