The Guru thinks Kirsten has an issue with her patella not moving as it should

May 13, 2015

Hi there

Over the last few months I have developed a sore and stiff right knee. If I sit with my knee bent for a few minutes it aches and I have to straighten my leg. It has swollen and stiffened a few times following spinning. I do pilates and spin a few times each week, but recently it has been sore more frequently. Should I be booking in for a Physio appointment?




May 13, 2015

Hi Kirsten

It sounds as if your patella is a little off colour and not moving as it should be in the groove that sits at the front of your knee.

It’s fairly classic stuff when sitting becomes an issue. The swelling is less so, but can take a half donut appearance above the knee itself.

Spinning – no matter how much you like it, may not be helping at the moment especially if using cleats.

If you’ve got a foam roller it may be worth having a go on your lateral thigh (avoiding the knee) but can be super painful and it may also be worth you upping you beautifully controlled lunges/scooters and skaters that you may be doing in Pilates. Everything should be pain free – if not it may be worth trying to tape you knee like this

….if all fails absolutely go see a decent Physio.

The Guru

Six Physio

Guru Responded

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