Neck Pain, Thyroid Gland Pain And Spinal Cord Pain

May 8, 2017

its been 4 years of my neck pain, I am continuously rotating my neck if I started once it will take me hours to stop it and if I strongly move my neck then my spinal and thyroid gland pains a lot, I am sick of doing this rotation , I look like mad to my friends when they see me, my  whole  neck pains if I rotate that it feels good if I stopped it , it started to pain so I am guessing that u could help me Sir, it means  a lot sir if I got your reply, it pains a lot from 4 years

May 8, 2017

Hi Mohamad

Maybe I’ve missed the gist of your post, but it seems pretty obvious that if you keep doing something that hurts, it’s going to keep hurting – and will possibly get worse over time.

Stop rotating your neck, break the habit.

Don’t expect to see an immediate change in your symptoms as you’ve got really over sensitised tissues that will take a while to settle down. As always your changing the cause (the over rotation) and not just chasing the symptoms.

Try doing some exercises too – anything. Go for a run, swim, fast walk, a quick blast in the gym or bike ride. It’s all good distraction but it’ll help your tissue normalise.

Mohamad would like more information:

Sir, can u tell me the exercise I should do, at least u can do this please it will help me, and also my thyroid gland also pains and spinal cord also why

The Guru replied:

That’s the point – ANY exercise is good exercise.
If you want low risk exercise then start low impact, small controlled movement done little and often.
See how that goes then increase the load the reps the time, it’s slightly riskier but it’s becoming more functional and more normal.
It’s up to you what and how you do stuff but starting is the hardest, yet smallest step.
You do not need specific exercise for specific symptoms.
Get out there!

Guru Responded

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