Ann asked the Guru about a six month old hamstring injury

April 14, 2014

My hamstring had been hurt mid-Oct last year while I was trying the ‘Wide leg forward bending’ in Yoga.
I’ve heard very loud sound from my left seat-bone but it was endurable so I finished yoga class.
But it became gradually painful so I didn’t do exercising for the next 3 days.
After 3 days I started exercising again but the seat bone pain lasted for the next 2 and half month.
I had to be careful some forward bending postures but I thought stretching would help. maybe I was wrong.
Since the pain lasted next 2 and half month I stopped all exercising about 2 months.
The hamstring injury got recovered now. I didn’t notice the injury in daily life but some forward bending posture in Yoga is still painful. so being very careful the postures at the moment.
But do you think it’s normal? any idea how long it will last? it’s been 6 month and slowly getting recovered.
Some people said I need to do mild stretching for the injured hamstring but not sure if I need that.

April 14, 2014


It does sound like you’ve torn a hammy – rather than think you have, but haven’t. It’s a punt to know if it’s a torn muscle or torn muscle from bone – but your slowly improving so I’m going for muscle.

So – we need to reverse a little to go forward. You’re 6 months into a recovering injury and a little behind the curve.

First things first. Get the tissue that’s trying to recover into a better state, so no more exercise for the next 3 weeks – time is running out when looking at healing cycles.

Instead start gentle, controlled through range gentle stretching rather than hammering stretch at the end of range. Make sure your stretch your hammy in a variety of positions – sitting, standing and lying. Stretch, don’t kill yourself!

Start to pick up more control of the muscle – bridging, controlled standing knee bends and squats to start to get your muscle into shape.

Now start to add in a strength component – resisted knee flexion in a variety of hip positions and use weights or theraband whilst lying on your tummy.

I think you’ve got to spend at lead the next 4 weeks on this – there are no short cuts. If, and onto if you get to the end of this time period and there is no different then it may be worth getting a scan (MRI or US) to have a look at the tendon/bone junction to see what state it’s in….a jab may be needed to “bump” you along.

Let me know how you progress…

Guru Responded

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