Achilles Issue

January 11, 2014

Rhianon McQuoid asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


I have been training for a half marathon which takes place mid september.

That last big run I did (18.5km) was about a month ago and during this I started getting pain in my achilles. I have cut back the training to 1 or two runs a week max 8kms and am still getting pain especially up and down stairs for the few days after the run.

How can I fix this and do you think I will be wise to still compete in the half Marathong?

Thanks so much.

Rhianon McQuoid
January 11, 2014


Quick set of rules:

Find the cause – have a proper look at your shoes versus foot type.

Don’t be tempted to stretch your Achilles. This is an overstretch problem and stretching will just add to the problem. Restoring length is fine BUT not to the point of stretch and certainly not pain in the Achilles.

Get more length in your calf muscles by getting them released via a foam roller or someone who can, not you stretching.

Make sure your ankle has enough movement (pulling your foot up) compared to the other side.

Start eccentrically loading it (google!) – keep great form and try not to let your foot or knee roll in. You can feel minimal pain, no more when doing and after.

Finally when you return to running (have a 5-7 day rest) go easy for the first 3 recovery runs. Think of running in great form, and certainly great stylee!

Guru Responded

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