After 8 years of calf strain & 6 opinions, the Guru believes David needs to improve his soleus strength

February 26, 2015


I have been getting calf strains for the last 8 years or so. Up until 3 years ago I put up with them but since then I have been seeking professional help.

  • Physio told me I needed orthotics.
  • 2 X Podiatrists told me I had 1 leg 5mm longer than the other.
  • Had orthotics made, still getting trouble.
  • Saw a chiropractor who told me my back was fine.
  • The next Physio told me back was not fine !!
  • Went thru my GP for NHS treatment.
  • Physios in local hospital believe it to be my Sciatic nerve rubbing as it runs thru my Psoas .
  • They couldn’t sort it and have referred me to a different team .

I can do 5 runs and it is fine then the next time it will pull, either leg but more often than not the right one. I cycle a lot for fitness but would rather be able to run. I have run marathons before and now stick to halfs because I can’t get enough training in. I suffer from Claw Foot and wonder if this could maybe be a cause.


February 26, 2015

Hi David

Really, really frustrating when you ask the opinion of 5 professionals and get 6 differing opinions back, and it seems to date nothing has really helped.

First up can you do 50 single, bent knee and straight knee calf raises?

Let me know.

The Guru
Six Physio

After a couple of days David gets back to the Guru:

Thanks for getting back. I tried this morning and can do 32 straight leg and 26 bent knee raises on my right leg.

I can’t do my left at the mo as I pulled the muscle 3 days ago. My right side is stronger than my left so it will be less I guess. Thanks

The Guru responds:

Hi David

Just trying to sort through the “guff” – is it neural, leg length, claw foot or is it your actual soft tissue.

I think on what you’ve said and described above this more of an actual, local soft tissue issue, which is likely to have implications right up your leg into hip/pelvic control and down to your foot.

Primarily I think it’s due to a lack of soleus strength – bent knee raises, and is really common.

You need to be able to do at least 50 before fatigue sets in. Anything less than this, you just can’t eliminate strength as being an issue.

Do the simple, easy things well.

The Guru

Six Physio

David will do as recommended….

Thanks very much for the feedback. I will make sure I do plenty of calf raises to see if that will help.

If the problem persists I will get myself booked in to one of your surgeries to see what you guys think. You are a 4 hour train ride away but if you can sort me out it will be worth it.

Thanks once again

Guru Responded

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