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April 3, 2014

I started running in Apr 2012 and completed my first marathon 1 yr later. During this time I had various niggling injuries but nothing rest didn’t cure. After the marathon I changed footwear to a more minimalist shoe in an attempt to improve my running style. I did not experience any problems for a few months regularly running ^30 miles p/wk. Then in August during a routine 8 mile run I experienced pain in my right foot. I have rested, RICE, changed shoes (twice), undertaken numerous gait analysis (my running style is now a neutral mid/forefoot runner), visited a university sports clinic but nothing has worked. If I rest for a week the discomfort goes only to return after a couple of easy 3 mile runs. I have rested for numerous weeks and started some strength excercise too no avail. The pain is located at the front of the ankle/top of the foot and sometimes running down the inside of the ankle. The pain is never too severe that I can’t walk which makes think it is inflammation but surely this would have been resolved by the steps I’ve taken. When I run even an easy 3 miles now my right calf is tight – the left one is not.

April 3, 2014

Hi John

You’re describing (really well, unfortunately) a huge stress reaction, which is load and style related rather than distance and type related.

With the possibility of stirring the hornet’s nest – I’m not sure if you’re running in the right kit or running the right stylee. The way to prove or disprove this is to get a nuclear bone scan done via your doc and check to see if this (and it sounds like) a stress reaction.

You may need more rest, more specific rehab and more input BUT until you’ve nailed why I wouldn’t change…

….really sorry for the delay

The Guru
Six Physio

Guru Responded

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