Pete asked the Guru about plantar fasciitis

April 9, 2014

I think I’ve got a case of plantar fasciitis mostly in my right foot. I started running about two months ago but after a few weeks the pain was really bad (sole of foot in front of the heel especially in the mornings).

I went to Asics and got my running analysed and it showed my feet/ankles turned inwards badly when running, so I’ve now picked up some more supportive trainers to use. It had been nearly a month and I tried running last week but the next day my feet hurt like crazy again! What stretches/exercises can I do to get over this quickly so I can get back to running?

April 9, 2014

Hi Pete

Sounds like you’re bang on the money. PF is frustrating to have, there is a myriad of information out there and seems to generally get looked after pretty poorly. Not here though…..

Simple rules. PF is an over stretch issue – so the thought of stretching it or anything to do with it is a no-no. You also need to get your noggin around why does it over stretch and then do something to help relieve the over stretch and allow the tissue to heal.

Quick answer for why does it over stretch is because you’ve lost control over the way your foot rolls in, or pronates. This is a very normal and necessary movement of the foot, but it’s the lack of control that’s the issue. This can happen at the pelvis, hip, knee or foot.

So. Improve your balance – every other hour for 30 seconds standing on your right leg – trying to stop your foot collapsing and knee rolling in. Progress to a minute then close your eyes and do it.

Improve how you do small single knee squats – with control and no cheating (look at keeping hip, knee and foot alignment) you must be able to do 60 good quality ones to run.

Get some release (not stretching) in your calfs – foam roller or massage type thingy

Avoid being bare foot and use shoes that are comfy with good (but not too much) control. Some off the shelf orthotics are great at giving this control.

Don’t be tempted to poke, massage or prod your PF – worry about the cause not the symptoms

Do this little and often for the next 3 weeks – and then slowly return to recovery running starting by walking for 1 minute then running for 1 minute until you’ve done 5 mins cumulative running. Repeat in 3 days then double the run and repeat then do a single 5 minute run.

You’re on the mend!

The Guru
Six Physio

Guru Responded

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