Lucy has issues down her right hand side

May 3, 2017

I have got a couple of issues on the right side of my body (I am right handed)!

My right shoulder is nearly always stiff and every now and then seems to go into spasm and gets really painful.
I do a little bit of running and get pain on the ball of my right foot and in my right big toe as well as the outside of my ankle. When I was in primary school a bench fell on this ankle then in my 20’s i sprained it quite badly and didn’t get any physio to rehabilitate (I know, I know!) I think I use my feet quite differently (about to get a bit graphic) I get different patterns
of hard skin build up on the bottom of my feet.

Any ideas extremely welcome

Best wishes


May 3, 2017

Hi Lucy

Anyone who has multiple symptoms on one side of the body will probably have something that connects them all – maybe not directly but certainly they will be related.

Something you should try is what is your balance like between your left and right and what is the difference when you do a single knee squat on the left compacted to the right.

I’d image a little more wobbly or unstable on the right.

This probably has some relation to your sprained ankle – where you’ve never quite picked back up your control around your hip and pelvis and so the glut doesn’t quite work as it should (the controlability !)

So you adapt by doing a few things – you perhaps turn your foot out a smidge (to get your kneecap facing forwards) or you alter your foot posture and loose control of how your foot rolls in – hence the skin changes.

You may also try to inadvertently hike your right shoulder up when walking as poor gluteal control (from the sprain) will let your pelvis drop when your stand on your right leg.

Raising a shoulder may get you to poke your chin out more or allow your shoulder to sit forwards – both giving a myriad of symptoms.

I know there are lots of if and buts and big assumptions but it may well be worth you plonking yourself down in front of someone who can explore the above in a little more visual detail…

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