The Guru diagnoses Rob as having a shoulder impingement

January 25, 2016

Dear Guru how are you ?.

i have a problem with my right arm / shoulder and i wondered if you can help me at all ?. ive had it for a while now since last year. if i stand up straight and raise my arms out to the side i have a pain that goes through my right arm in the muscle area just below the shoulder. if with my hands held out again to the side level with my shoulders and i rotate my hands so my palms face upwards that hurts even more in that area.

can you advise or help at all ?

regards rob

January 25, 2016

Hi Rob

Easy one this – you’ve got a shoulder impingement.

This is where a piece of tissue (muscle, tendon or bursa) in your shoulder is being uncontrollable squished and squashed between your humeral head (top of your arm) and piece of bone on your shoulder blade called your acromium.

When you turn your palm upwards your involve even more bone – just below the humeral head called your greater trochanter. This increases the impingement and you get more pain….you may get less in you do it palm down.

All this technical stuff above is mentioned because what you’ve done is replicate some pretty (in)accurate sub acromial impingement tests.

You need to know why, however.

The most common reasons are because you’ve lost “control” of the muscles (rotator cuff) that surround and control the way you use your shoulder. They can do this if your shoulder blade looses its natural rhythm when you move your arm…and this is very linked to having a stiff thoracic spine.

As you’ve had it for a while, I think  I’d go and see someone who can give you the ability to move better and teach you some really decent  rehab exercise. Dr Google has a pretty good selection if you want to give it a blast.

Hope this helps.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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