When an injury gets worse there has to be a reason

August 15, 2016


My other half damaged his arm when his golf club hit a hidden tree root – about 2 months ago. He had an x-ray at the local A&E department and they diagnosed torn ligaments around his elbow area. He was told to rest it and was given a sling to wear for a week. Now, the problem is his shoulder and the pain is getting worse all the time and movement is getting more limited.

He has a downward swing of about 120mph (plays professional golf) so really could have done some damage. His fellow golfers think it soundslike a torn rotator cuff.

If he comes to you for treatment, can you also do an MRI in house, if deemed necessary? As he is looking for a fast diagnosis. His GP hasn’tbeen able to arrange an x-ray or MRI as yet so he’s happy to go private if he can just expedite the whole diagnosis/treatment process.

Thank you

August 15, 2016

Poor bloke – sounds like he needs some help and guidance.

There are a few possibilities, even away from a torn rotator cuff.

Generally if you look after things and don’t wiggle them around too much they either get better or stay the same. When things get worse there absolutely has to be a reason – we need to (and he does!) know why.

We can get him into be MRI’d or US’d with out world class network within a 24hour period if needs be.

Let me know where he’s heading and I can give them a heads up.

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