Men’s Health service expands

We’re delighted to announce that Lucy Burrows has joined the Specialist Men’s Health team.

Dedicated to improving ones health, fitness and wellbeing, a Men’s Health Physio can help with all pelvic health issues: patients they see  present with a range of symptoms from erectile dysfunction, continence issues, pelvic floor dysfunctions and prostate problems such as prostatitis and post prostatectomies.

Our aim is to spread the word that Physio can help with issues men are often too scared to talk about. It’s slowly growing in awareness but we want to speed this process up, so this service becomes as well-known as Women’s Health.

Lucy is very well-known at Parsons Green as an expert in Women’s Health so this addition to her specialism allows her to help more people get back to full fitness and gives more geographical coverage of this amazing service.

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