Advice for poor posture

June 13, 2019

Hi Guru,

I have bad posture and was wondering the best way to fix it?

My shoulders are very knotted so either need a good massage or something. I spend a fair bit of time hunched over at work which doesn’t help.

What do you think?


June 13, 2019

Hi Sam

Depends on what you mean by fix?

Having a SM will make you feel better and you’ll get temporary relief from the knotty bits, but give it 48 hours and you’ll be back to square 1.

Fixing your posture is tricky, and it’s a bit of a life long mission, so instead you need to fix the knots getting tight and painful by making the equal and opposite muscles (the ones that pull your shoulders down) work better and become stronger.

Rehab, gym stuff and a simple weight program will do the trick.

Give yourself a little break by getting your thoracic spine moving better, then get on and get stronger – something we’re pretty good at doing  right.

Hope this helps.

The Guru

Thanks for the reply mate


Alright well sounds like I’d benefit from a consultation.

What sort of treatment/ advice would I receive ie massage, gym program? Also how much would this be?

Hi Sam

Have a look here prices

We are also refinished by all major insurance companies.

You’d need an initial hours assessment and treatment with a plan to follow.

I think rehab would be the way forward, knowing that you can get relief from SM, but it’ll be short term.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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