C7 disc problems?

January 12, 2014

Vijaya asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Hi Guru,

I fell down while climing down the stairs(Just last 4 steps) on my back 5 Months back and i felt pain near my neck region and lower back..But i was able to walk normally though with stiff neck and condition improved in a week..I went to see a Chriopractor after that and i started getting Tingling/hot feeling in my Left feet and slowly developed weakness in leg. After doing excercises suggested by my previous Physio i no longer have weakness and Nerve tingling/hot feeling seems to calm down.

But in Dec it started coming again aggresively and now i am back to square 1 with out weakness in leg though but with pain in upper back as well along with tingling in feet. I have got a MRI done by specialist and they didn’t find any thing in my lumbar/Thoraic but some loss of hydration in C3-C7 and nerve root pinch at C7.. .

I am greatly worried as it’s been there for 5months..My Dr referred me to physio and see if i improve.. I am not sure why C7 nerve pinch is causing tingling in feet..and what is the best way to get rid of issues…

January 12, 2014

Hi Vijaya

Stress not – there may be a really simple explanation. The C7 disc may be totally inconsequential and nothing to do with you current symptoms.

But, the reason why you’ve still got symptoms is that the underlying issue of falling downstairs and the compensatory movement due to this injury, has still yet to be addressed.

Having neck and back pain will make you hunch more to try to move better with less pain. If the pain gets better, but you don’t move any better then the pain will return. Feeling better does not necessarily mean your getting better – the two things are very separate.

Go and see your Physio and get them to do nothing apart from mobilise your thoracic spine. Get them to show you how to stretch this bit, and this bit only. No low back or no neck stretches. No hamstrings, no gluts.

Think about you posture during the day and at work, but don’t become too stiff – and if it increases your symptoms you are doing it wrong and therefore do less.

Get your thoracic spine mobilised for 3 weeks and start to move better. This way you are not chasing the symptoms but your dealing with the cause. I’d reckon after this amount of time your should start to feel significantly different.

Hope this helps

The Guru

Guru Responded

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