Emma asked the Guru about her Hip Pain postpartum

June 9, 2014


I had my second child 20 months ago. I am struggling with intense hip pain when I cycle/run/walk up hill & stairs. My core is strong and stretching does not seem to improve the pain. The only thing that does help is rest – which as fitness freak Mum of 2 I am not doing very well at.

Any advice?
Thank you in advance.

June 9, 2014

Hi Emma,

I think I’d stop stretching straight away as it seems fairly likely that you don’t have anything which is remotely tight – and this is really common.

Instead if thinking that your hip is tight and painful try to imagine that the muscles are stiff and protective because of the pain. You need to find out why they are protecting your hip. The most common cause is that your lower back has too much movement, which you don’t control very well and so the muscles around your hip and lower back stiffen up to protect your back and give pain in and around your hip. Being 20 months post pregnancy and on number 2 you’re spending huge amounts of time bending forwards changing nappies, feeding and lifting kids.

This makes your thoracic spine become really tight and when this happens your lower back has to move more to compensate for the movement in your thoracic spine.

I think you need to get your thoracic spine moving more. Roll up a towel as if you’re heading to the beach and put it on the floor.

Put a pillow at the top so you have a”T” shape. Now lie on it. Head on the pillow, shoulders off and rolled towel down your spine to below your bra strap and bed your knees – feet flat on the floor. Do this morning and night for 10 minutes for the next week of so. Chest up and sure you’ll start to feel better…..then it’s time to work on your gluts!

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The Guru
Six Physio


Emma replied with another couple of queries:


That was a very quick response! I am very, very grateful!

Do you think that it would be beneficial in making an appointment to see someone? I normally commute by bike and now can only cycle every other day. There are certain exercise I normally avoid as it is far too painful.

I could try these exercise and make an appointment in a weeks time?

Again – many thanks for responding!!!


The Guru Responded:

Hi Emma

Absolutely crack on with the exercises for the next week.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel much change – if so it tells me that you need the ability to move better and so someone has to provide you with that extra movement. Us!

We can give you the movement and we’ll show you how to keep it.

Don’t hunch over the handle bars – you should imagine that you’ve got an egg between your palm and the bar; don’t crush it!

Try to avoid anything which increases your pain.

Let me know this time next week.

The Guru

Six Physio

Guru Responded

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