Following a fall, Jane can only turn her head to one side

November 5, 2015

Hi there – I can only turn my head completely to the right side.  I think this stems from falling over a few weeks ago although the pain didn’t appear until a couple of weeks later.

I think that now I am compensating with my right side as I can only turn my head about three-quarters of the way to my left – would you be the right people to see about this?

Thank you


November 5, 2015

Dear Jane


The body is pretty clever when it comes to healing itself. We, unfortunately forget about this and try to compensate for it as we’re desperate to feel better as soon as possible.

It’s this compensation that ultimately slows down the bodies own healing process – delaying our (your!) recovery.

Getting your thoracic spine to move more is an east way of dealing with a very obvious compensation.

Try this stretch #worldsgreateststretch

The Guru

Guru Responded

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