January 12, 2014

Jon asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I have been treated at your clinics in the past

I have quite long standing colon pain, which has been diagnosed by exclusion, as IBS

Recently the cramping pain is much worse and I wonder if there is some sort of muscle involvement.

I have in the past had some success with support belts and bits of taping but I wondered what to do and if you have someone who specialises in this area

January 12, 2014

Hi Jon

IBS is thought (rather than empirically proved) to have a correlation ship with LBP sufferers.

In a sense I think this makes total sense. If you’ve got an area of your back that moves too much or too little so has either too little or too much compression from the abdominal muscles at the front I can understand IBS type symptoms. I’ve certainly had patients comment off the cuff that their symptoms improve, despite not that being their presenting issue.

Acupuncture, taping, abdominal massage and fascial release can also change symptoms. Training the stomach muscles (deep ones) a la Pilates should also be beneficial.

I’m not sure these are overnight results, but I think the physical manifestations are just too obvious not to be ignored.

Jeremy in Harley Street is pretty up for things like this.

The Guru

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