If you have a back injury will other areas become painful too?

May 3, 2016

Hello Guru, I’m glad I found this site .

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 16 yrs ago when I was only 26. I also felt the diagnosed was wrong due to the pain being in areas where I had previous injuries.

I used to do gymnastics as a child and had a lot of falls and some breaks. The past few years I have put up with the neck, which grates, pops, is painful on waking. Sometimes it cracks so loudly. The elbows both  which have been broken sometimes ache to the bone. Recently, I tore the muscle in lower back. Doc now thinks there is nerve damage as I have a permanent tremor.

My question is. Is it normal when you have an injury like my back for all my other areas to become bad too. My feeling is I have osteoarthritis.

Let me know your thoughts . Along with all these I feel so exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Thank you

May 3, 2016

Hi Lisa

It’s kind of a “closed case book” diagnosis – it’s what I want to see to make the diagnosis I want to make, which unfortunately doesn’t put the patient, you, first.

You may well have OA – it’s a very normal process. It’s a little like your hair going grey, skin going wrinkly and teeth falling out – it’s a normal ageing process. It can be painful and sometimes it can be totally painless. Lots of people have it and they don’t know just as lots have don’t have it but do have pain.

Tearing a muscle in your back, without trauma, is really rate – but having back pain can make other bits hurt as you try to make compensations on other joints to try to help your back.

I think I’d be looking for another opinion – it’s doesn’t always have to be a physical issue that causes pain.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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