Jen was diagnosed with costochondrititus and told you can’t recover… the Guru strongly disagrees!

June 11, 2015

2 years ago I was diagnosed with costochondrititus after experiencing acute chest pains.

I think I did it during a period of practising a lot of yoga. I have also been diagnosed as being hyper mobile.

It’s a lot better now. I still feel a small pain in my sternum on my left side but what has developed is pain in my left shoulder blade and across my upper back. I also have developed a ‘clunky’ left shoulder. I never had ANY upper back pain before the costo diagnosis in my life.

I try to release it through relaxation but activity and exercise exacerbate it and sometimes only a nights sleep will help it to stop hurting.

Everyone says that you can’t recover from costochondrititus is that true?

June 11, 2015

Hummmm – someone has been telling porkies! Of course you can fully recover from CC, but if you don’t know why you got it in the first place, then I do think your symptoms will linger for a long while yet.

Don’t treat, cure as we like to say!

I think the pain in your thoracic spine and through your shoulder blade are important.

I think you may have an issue with your neck, which is referring pain into your thoracic spine, shoulder blade and possibly the pain in the front of your chest too…..

You need more movement through your thoracic spine and need to control the amount your neck wobbles around on top of your stuff thoracic spine.

I think this is a great stretch. Rolled bath towel, on the floor, pillow at the top and hang out for 10 minutes ever evening. Learn to lift your chest and stand tall. Give it a week or 2 and see how you feel.

The Guru

To make an omelette one needs to crack eggs, not roast a chicken.

Guru Responded

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