Lower Back Pain

January 12, 2014

Jason asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Dear Guru,

I over exerted myself 4weeks ago while doing shuttle sprints and felt a sudden pain to my lower back. Been to my physio and dry needling was performed, I would feel relieve for roughly 24 hours then the pain will return.

I can jog/sprint without feeling the pain, stretching also relieves it. Once im done exercising the pain returns . It’s not restricting my mobility but when I bend to touch my toes I feel the pain.

Thanks, I greatly appreciate your advice as u have helped me before with my hamstring.

One other thing: Is playing soccer a bit to soon…I have been doing core 3 times a week.


January 12, 2014

Hi Jason

All the treatment you’ve had sounds pretty normal to me – it’s great at making you feel better.

However feeling better is not the same as getting better – and this is the bits that missing out.

You need to change the cause of your symptoms rather than just get the symptoms treated. AP is super for pain relief but it will not get rid of the reason why you’ve got back pain.

Exercising and getting warm increases your flexibility of everything. You’ve got an issue where some bits of your body move more than other bits, and it’s the lack of control of the bits that move too much that cause the pain. These bits (your lower back) move too much because other bits of your spine (mid back, thoracic area) don’t move enough. This is the cause – and this his the key to you getting better.

I’d suggest not trying to stretch out your lower back – it’ll make you feel better, but will only cause more issues later. Instead try to get your thoracic spine moving more. Improve your posture, try not to slouch too much at work or wen sitting. Exercise with great form and lift tour chest – but not like a sgt major (it’s far too stiff).

Lying on a foam roller, down your back with the knees bent up and head resting on a pillow is one of the worlds greatest thoracic spine stretches.

Hope this helps

Regarding Soccer – Give yourself a chance to maximise getting movement back into your thoracic spine and then slowly get back into footy. Try some jogging first then up the speed and same with ball control & crack on with the core training

Happy New Year

The Guru

Six Physio

Guru Responded

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