Meyrick has a trapped nerve at C7

June 27, 2016

I have been diagnosed with a trapped nerve in my neck at C7.

Manifests as a pain in my left forearm.

Rested for last few months but started exercising again and come back.

What sort of phyiso do you recommend?

June 27, 2016

Hi Meyrick

Funny that – unless you change why the nerve got trapped in the first place, rest and exercise (the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum!) won’t really do very much long term – unless you know why…

It’s most probably “trapped” because it’s being pinched either by the joint/disc/tissue or combo of all 3 -and it gets pinched due to prolonged, static postures. Using the phone, screen, driving, general poor posture or slouching are all to blame (without any specific traumatic event).

Poor head on neck posture and poking your chin out sit side by side with having a stiff, flexed thoracic spine – this is where you need to start. You need to have the ability to move better, so your rehab will then start doing what it’s meant to do.

So try this video, improve your daily posture, don’t slouch (too much!) and make sure that all your rehab is done is the really good position. You don’t need to stretch your neck (or arm) but do “get” the ability to move better through your thoracic spine, with your head and neck in a decent position to take the excessive load (the pinched bit) to allow your tissue to heal.

Sit tall, stand tall and rehab tall – but not like you’re in the army and your symptoms will not only feel better, but you’ll get better.

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