Paul has pain all down the back of his leg

January 29, 2016

Pain in right buttock going all the way down the back of my right leg.

Slipped disc trapping nerve? I’m seeing a local physio and taking pain killers.

Have you any advice please?

January 29, 2016

Hi Paul

Sounds pretty logical.

My advise is listen to what you’re Physio is saying and getting you to do. Generally takes about 6 weeks to feel normal again.

Rehab is key – what you put in, you’ll defiantly get out. In an ideal world anything that you’re given to do should not exacerbate your symptoms. If it does tell you Physio as there’s a reason why – and that’s key for getting the best rehab possible.

These are some pretty decent suggestions – we don’t go in for stretching hammies, gluts or lower backs! Take a look at these videos

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