Sharp neck pain

April 30, 2019

When I was sleeping last night I moved my neck quickly to switch positions and injured my neck. It was a sharp, weakening pain in the left side of my shoulder/neck. I tried to find a comfortable place to lay and fall back asleep.

I have preexisting back pain that I deal with in my mid to lower back. This pain extends from the base of my skull on the left side down to the top of my shoulder and then down the side of my shoulder blade to a mid part in my back. I’m assuming my trapezius muscle.

It hurts most when I lean forward/backwards or turn my head to the right. It hurts as well when I look down. It doesn’t hurt to look up as long as my neck isn’t stretched. This is the same as looking to the left. This is keeping me from being able to do 90% of normal activity. This happened early morning (probably around 5) I took naproxen about an hour later. And just now applied icy-hot patches (it is now 9am here).

What should I do?

April 30, 2019

Hi Cort

You’re doing the right thing – but you simply can’t expect an immediate resolution of your symptoms.

If I kick you in the shin it’s going to hurt now, tomorrow and the next day – and if you accidentally bang your shin it’s going to hurt for longer.

The same applies to your neck – you’ve over stretched a joint in your neck, and it’s painful. The muscles around your neck go into a very normal protective spasm to prevent you from stretching further.

So – pills, good. Maybe take some paracetamol (if you can) too. Don’t stretch your neck, despite it feeling tight, instead make your thoracic spine move more to take the excessive load off of your neck



and then get your rehab going with these 2




Give it 48 hours and you’ll be on the mend.

The Guru

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