Shilpa has stiff neck, tender base of skull & wants help!

June 20, 2016

Hi Guru, I have been suffering with on and off neck pain stiffness radiating to my arms and shoulders since 1 month. Sometimes on the right side and sometimes on left.

My base of skull is also tender to touch. X ray shows no issues. Please help. Desperate for the cure.


June 20, 2016

Hi Shilpa

Even though your neck feels stiff, I doubt your neck is “stiff”, but I suspect that the muscles that surround your neck are very stiff….and very protective of your neck joints that actually move too much.

The tender bit at the base of you skull tells me exactly how you sit and move – you lead with your chin poked out (which causes compression of the painful, joints at the top of your skull).

You do this because because you’ve not great sitting or standing posture – you slouch more than you stand tall…..join the club, it’s very common!

So you need to improve the amount of available movement in your thoracic spine, to allow you to lift your chest and take the pressure of off your neck – so you don’t need to poke your chin out.

Here are some pretty decent stretches – back pain videos – don’t expect immediate pain relief as it’ll take a while for your tissue to rest and recover. You can speed the whole process up by seeing someone who can give your thoracic spine the ability to move better and some decent rehab. Stand tall, and don’t be tempted to “stretch” your stiff neck, it just won’t change what’s the cause of your problem.

Good Luck

Guru Responded

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