Shoulder Pain

April 3, 2014

I am at a computer all day long and have had chronic right sided posterior shoulder pain which is above my shoulder blade and towards the left side of my neck associated with crunching and grinding noises when I rotate the shoulder. I have full range of movement of my arm but both ache if I do anything too much above my head . I wonder if physio would be helpful or
acupuncture? Massages have made no difference.

April 3, 2014

Don’t worry about sticking pins into you – that may make you feel better, but won’t get you better.

You’ve got a really stiff thoracic spine and so poke your chin out to see the screen – as you can’t lift your chest up. Poking you chin out compress you mid cervical spine facet joints and they give really distinct referred pain into exactly where you describe it.

So get your screen higher (top of screen, top of head), make sure you can touch the screen with your stretched out finger tips when sitting back in you chair, elbows at 90 with your forearms resting on the desk or arm rests with the keyboard where it should be. Feet flat on the floor, knees slightly lower then your hips and lean back on your chair – rest slightly back. Laptops needs external keyboards….

Stop slouching – chest up – chin in – regular breaks and circle shoulders lifting your chest up.

Read more about workstation ergonomics here

….really sorry for the delay

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