Will Physio help?

February 10, 2021

Hi i dont know if you can help me,

i know i have a slipped disc etc and have had scans, tried steroid injections etc none of which work ! i have quite bad stiffness and therefore sore very often, always after sitting which i try to avoid.

i have been to physio and some pilates and i dont think i am gettting any better!

i would be so grateful for some advice if poss ?

February 10, 2021

Hi Annabel

That’s not great!

Let me know some more details of what makes it better or worse or what you’ve tried and I should be able to give lots of help.

In the meantime try this – get a small towel and roll it into a cigar shape (long and thin!). When you sit down, shove your bum backwards against the back of the chair, then lean forwards. Now put the rolled towel in the gap between your bum and back of the chair and sit back – it must be comfy, if not either increase or decease the diameter of the roll.

This helps keeps your low back in a “neutral” position and takes the pressure off of the structures that are painful and irritated. Use your glutes when you stand up (bend at the hips and not your back) when standing up and it should be heaps easier…

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