Achilles tear help

February 24, 2019

Hi there,

I’m 45 years old and recently tore my achilles playing squash. The tear was actually quite close to the calf rather than down at my ankle.

With two young kids at home this is not a great look.

My treatment is non-operative for the time being with wedges in my boot. There will also be physio linked to the treatment.

I wanted to understand more about how I should rehabilitate my Achilles in the long run once it’s re-attached properly and also how to manage the stress loss on my other leg as I hop around.



February 24, 2019

Hi Shouma

Sounds like good management so far – and you need to do everything you can do to keep the tear partial and allow it to fully repair, rather than go into reverse and rupture and then go forwards to full repair.

You’re also lucky it’s nearer the muscle junction too as I think the blood supply is better and so healing is more positive.

Follow what your OS is telling you especially keeping to boot and wedge time – you can’t speed the healing time up, but you can slow it down by doing too much too soo or conversely not doing enough, but that’s the rarity as you seen pretty proactive.

Once you get the go ahead from your OS at around 6 weeks you need to start increasing 3 things – load, strength and restoration of length before number 4, stretch.

Pain during and pain/stiffness after your rehab are great guides – you’re allowed maybe a 2-3/10 when starting your rehab but not much more during.

You’ll also need to concentrate on your entire lower limb too – right from the hip/pelvis (glutes) knee (hammies/quads) and down to your ankle (calf, natch!) and foot (tib post).

Generally it takes a good few months to get you back to running but you should be pretty mobile around the house with your kids in much less.

A good Physio should be able to keep you well on track, keep your rehab customised to what you want and need and keep you motivated to get the right outcome your deserve.

Good luck.

The Guru

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