Jane is training for a marathon but has knee pain

February 22, 2017

I’m now seeing one of your physios on Wednesday morning. Am training for marathon. Last weekend did 12 mile training run – no problems. During the week, feet and heels started to hurt. Did 13 mile run yesterday – everything hurt from beginning of run to end. At mile 11-12, my knee felt like it had actually popped/clicked out and gave way. Went back in place.
So – what strengthening exercises / stretches should I do this PM? Should I do my 4 mile run tomorrow. I can walk around no problems but I can “feel” my knee


February 22, 2017

Hi Jane

It actually sounds as if you’ve done too much too soon – a slightly risky thing to say considering I don’t know your training plan, but it sounds about right.

But it sounds like you’ve got an overuse issue (everything hurts) and a slightly dodgy kneecap thing going on (I’m not sure your knee popped/clicked out, but I’m sure it felt like it did….which probably translates into your knee was acutely painful and your supporting muscles suddenly switched off  as a saving mechanism).

Recovery is actually as (if not more) important compared to activity. Hang out to tonight and tomorrow and wait until you’ve seen Helen on Wednesday.

If you’ve got a foam roller use it, if you’ve got a static bike leap on if for a 20 minutes easy cycle. No run tomorrow but you could try to tape your knee a la this vid!

Don’t panic, plenty of time but make sure you do the right stuff rather than just stuff…

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