Hayley asks the Guru about possible hamstring tendonitis and a year old foot issue!

April 7, 2015


I am a keen triathlete in training and at the end of an 8k run 2 weeks ago the tendon behind my knee on the inner side felt a very sharp pain and I had to hobble home. I applied ice straight away and rested.

I left it for a week when I had no pain at all walking, and tried a small run, and after 8 mins I felt the pain come on again and it gets worse very quickly.

Any idea what this is? hamstring tendinitis ?



April 7, 2015

Hi Hayley

Think you could be right – it sounds very tendon like.

There are a few different type of tendon issues but this sounds like an acute reaction – and they need a little love and attention to get better, and are not allowed to degenerate into something more long term.

So, rest is good and active recovery is good too! I think you simply tried to do too much too soon without allowing any type of half way house.

You need to before you run, do some gentle stretching, some gentle resistive work and some balance work. Little and often and then try a recovery run. 1 minute waking 1 minute running and repeat 5 times then stop. Repeat this a few days later then slowly start to increase distance.

Softly softly catchy monkey!

The Guru

Six Physio

The Guru gave such a great response that Hayley has another query:


Thank you for your reply.  I also have another injury that started last May!! It’s on the ball of my foot behind my big toe.. It first came on quite suddenly and was really sore to walk on for a few weeks, then gradually got better, however if I stand on my tip toes I can feel the pain quite severely and on some runs/walks I can also feel the pain.

I think the cleats on the bottom of cycling shoes may have injured one of the sesamoid bones, but I have had an X-Ray and an MRI scan and both did not show any damage! But there must be something wrong with my foot as it is painful!

Do you have any recommendations as I don’t know what else to do!

The Guru responded:

….I think you could be right with this too!

MR and X-ray will only sometimes show what you’re hoping to see. It may be sesamoiditis, maybe a capsulitis of the 1st MTP or even the tendon that rubs underneath – however a diagnosis without knowing what the cause is wont get you any better – as you are!

You need to be putting the right amount of load through your foot and your cleats could be keeping it over loaded and not allowing it to recover.

I think it would be well worth you seeking out a podiatrist or have a try with some off the shelf orthotics (perhaps). Either way get the loading sorted. There are no quick fixes for almost a year old injury.

Easter eggs will help 😉

Guru Responded

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