ITB knee pain?

January 11, 2014

I have been having knee pain while running for a while now…it fades in and out. At first I had put it down to the trainers, but it has now moved from one leg to the other but is the exact same problem. I get an ache on the outside of my knee on the bone, many people have said it may be ITB but when using the foam roller it does not hurt and the point of pain is below where I have been told to roller for ITB. It started off on the right knee but this weekend has moved to the left and I had no pain at all in the right knee.
Do you have any idea what this may be?

January 11, 2014

Hi Brett

Sounds like an ITB issue, and can move from one knee to another, as
there will be a central, common cause – and this is what needs to be

Foam rolling is a great idea, but don’t roll over the painful bit.
Stick to the outer part of your thigh from below your boney hip bone
to a hand span above your knee. You may, or may not get any referral
into your knee. Roll over the most tender bits for 90 seconds on each
side, then go for a run.

As you’ve had bilateral symptoms then the most logical place to start
looking for the cause is at your back, or your hips. You have no pain,
with full range of movement BUT if your can’t control the movement you
have (and so are unstable) or you don’t have enough movement (in the
right places) then your ITB’s will be forced to move too much and

It might be an idea if using a roller doesn’t change anything within a
week to go see someone who can….

Guru Responded

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